This Day in Metal January 12th

This Day in Metal January 12th

Jan 12th 1969 Led Zeppelin released their GREAT debut album “Led Zeppelin”

Did you know….
In 2003, Led Zeppelin was ranked at number 29 on Rolling Stone’s list of “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.

Jan 12th 1981 April Wine released the GREAT album “The Nature Of The Beast”

Did you know…
This album was April Wine’s commercial peak, certified Platinum in the US and reaching number 24 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

Jan 12th 1987 Holy Moses released the album “Finished with the Dogs”

Did you know…
They are well noted for being fronted by Sabina Classen, who is the only constant member of Holy Moses.

Jan 12th 1987 Malice released the album “License to Kill”

Did you know…
Malice appeared as themselves in the 1988 movie Viceversa, playing a live concert.

Jan 12th 1987 Deep Purple released the album “The House Of Blue Light”

Did you know….
The album peaked at number 34 on the Billboard Charts.

Jan 12th 1988 Grinder released their debut album “Dawn for the Living”

Did you know…
Between 1992-1996 the band was known as “Capricorn”.

Jan 12th 1998 Mercenary released their debut album “First Breath”

Did you know…
The band name was taken from a lyric in the Slayer song, “Ghosts of War”.

Jan 12th 2004 Iced Earth released the album “The Glorious Burden”

Did you know..
It is a concept album, which explores moments in military history, such as the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and the American Revolutionary War.

Jan 12th 2007 Grave Digger released the album “Liberty Or Death”

Did you know…
The band changed their name to Hawaii in 1988 before renaming themselves in 1991 to Grave Digger again.

Jan 12th 2007 Therion released the album “Gothic Kabbalah”

Did you know….
The album is based on concepts from the life of 17th-century esoteric scholar Johannes Bureus.

Jan 12th 2011 Stratovarius released the album “Elysium”

Did you know….
It was the last Stratovarius album to feature longtime drummer Jörg Michael.

Jan 12th 2018 White Wizzard released the album “Infernal Overdrive”

Did you know…
White Wizzard was formed in Los Angeles in the summer of 2007.

Jan 12th 2018 Corrosion Of Conformity released the album “No Cross No Crown”

Did you know…
The album marks the return of Pepper Keenan.

Jan 12th 1965 Rob Zombie was born!!!

Did you know….
Rob appeared as himself in the 1994 movie Airheads.


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