This Day in Metal January 1st

This Day in Metal January 1st

Jan 1st 1986 Racer X released their debut album “Street Lethal”

Did you know…
The band is from Los Angeles and formed in 1984.

Jan 1st 1986 Heir Apparent released their debut album “Graceful Inheritance”

Did you know…
The album was never released in the USA.
It was ranked number 188 in the German hardcover book “Best of Rock and Metal – Top 500 albums of all time”.

Jan 1st 1987 Hellion released their debut album “Screams In The Night”

Did you know…
They were managed by Wendy Dio (Ronnie James Dio’s wife).
Ann Boleyn is also the owner of New Renaissance Records.

Jan 1st 1989 Heavens Gate released their debut album “In Control”

Did you know…
They were, together with German bands Helloween, Gamma Ray, Grave Digger, Running Wild, and Rage, the pioneers in German power metal.

Jan 1st 1991 Poltergeist released the album “Behind My Mask”

Did you know…
Lead singer André Grieder recorded vocals on the Cracked Brain album for the popular thrash metal band Destruction.

Jan 1st 1996 Impaler released the album “Undead Things” #SpeedMetal

Did you know..
It sparked controversy with Best Buy. Best Buy tried to remove the CD from store shelves thinking the cover was too graphic, showing Lindsey split open with surgical tools still attached to him.

Jan 1st 1997 Chastain released the album “In Dementia”

Did you know..
The first band line-up included Leone, Chastain, bassist Mike Skimmerhorn and drummer Fred Coury, who later played in Cinderella.

Jan 1st 2001 Warrior released the album “The Code of Life”

Did you know….
It is the first and only album to feature vocalist Rob Rock.

Jan 1st 2001 Devolved released their debut album “Technologies”

Did you know….
That same year, Devolved was voted Australian Metal Band of the Year by Roadrunner Records affiliated magazine ‘Outsider’.

Jan 1st 2002 Týr released their debut album “How Far to Asgaard”

Did you know…
“Ormurin Langi” is a metal version of the traditional Faroese song. A video for the song was also recorded in Iceland.

Jan 1st 1958 David Wayne former vocalist with Metal Church was born.

Did you know…
David appeared on the Metal Church albums Metal Church, The Dark and Masterpeace.

Jan 1st 1980 Richie Faulkner guitarist with Judas Priest was born!!!

Did you know…
Before joining Judas Priest, Richie recorded an album with Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris daughter Lauren Harris.


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