This Day in Metal January 20th

This Day in Metal January 20th

Jan 20th 1979 Judas Priest released the single “Take On The World” #HeavyMetal

Did you know…
It was the first Judas Priest single to chart in the UK Top 40, reaching number 14.
It was also covered by new wave band The Human League on their 1980 tour.

Jan 20th 1983 Def Leppard released the GREAT album “Pyromania”

Did you know….
It’s their first album to feature guitarist Phil Collen who replaced founding member Pete Willis.

Jan 20th 1984 Metallica released the single “Jump In The Fire”

Did you know
It was released as the last single from “Kill ‘Em All”.

Jan 20th 2003 Masterplan released their debut album “Masterplan”

Did you know….
Michael Kiske, the former Helloween bandmate of guitarist Roland Grapow, duets on the track “Heroes”.

Jan 20th 2006 Edguy released the album “Rocket Ride”

Did you know….
The album features a style that differs from their usual power metal style and is more oriented towards hard rock.

Jan 20th 2012 Primal Fear released the album “Unbreakable”

Did you know
Primal Fear was founded in October 1997 by Ralf Scheepers and Mat Sinner.

Jan 20th 1951 Ian Hill legendary bassist with Judas Priest was born!!!!

Did you know
In 1970, together with schoolmate K. K. Downing, Hill formed Judas Priest. He is the only remaining original member following Downing’s departure in 2011.
Jan 20th 1952 Paul Stanley guitarist and singer with KISS was born!!!

Did you know
Stanley was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.
Jan 20th 1971 Derrick Green singer with Sepultura was born!!!

Did you know…
He joined the band in 1997 after the departure of group founder Max Cavalera.
Jan 20th 1972 #OscarDronjak Oscar Dronjak guitarist and founder with Hammerfall was born!!

Did you know….
He also played and released albums with the death metal acts Ceremonial Oath and Crystal Age.
The night Ozzy bit the 🦇


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