This Day in Metal January 23rd

This Day in Metal January 23rd

Jan 23rd 1984 Metallica released the single “Whiplash” #HeavyMetal

Did you know
The song has been covered a number of times, most notably by Motörhead whose version won a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance.

Jan 23rd 1990 Slaughter released their debut album “Stick It To Ya”

Did you know
The LP was nominated for best metal album of the year at the 1991 American Music Awards show.

Jan 23rd 1991 Massacra released the album “Enjoy the Violence”

Did you know
The title is a play on the Depeche Mode song “Enjoy the Silence”.

Jan 23rd 2001 Labyrinth released the album “Sons of Thunder”

Did you know
It is a concept album written about King Louis XIV’s (also known as ‘The Sun King’) obsession with a woman named Kathryn.

Jan 23rd 2009 Doro released the album “Fear No Evil”

Did you know….
Tarja Turunen did vocals on the song “Walking with the Angels”.

Jan 23rd 2009 Sepultura released the album “A-Lex”

Did you know….
This is the first album featuring drummer Jean Dolabella, since the departure of Igor Cavalera in 2006.

Jan 23rd 2009 Napalm Death released the album “Time Waits for No Slave”

Did you know
The band is credited as pioneers of the grindcore genre by incorporating elements of crust punk and death metal.

Jan 23rd 2009 Vision Divine released the album “9 Degrees West of the Moon”

Did you know….
The album marks the return of the singer Fabio Lione.
The band did a cover of the Judas Priest song “A Touch Of Evil” on this album.

Jan 23rd 2011 Ozzy Osbourne released the single “Let It Die”

Did you know….
It was released as the third single from the album “Scream”.

Jan 23rd 2012 Orange Goblin released the album “A Eulogy for the Damned”

Did you know
The album reached number 149 on the Official Charts.

Jan 23rd 2015 U.D.O. released the album “Decadent” #Pain #Speeder #Mystery #Breathless #HeavyMetal

Did you know
It is the last album to feature drummer Francesco Jovino, as well as guitarist Kasperi Heikkinen.

Jan 23rd 1962 Kirk Arrington former drummer with Metal Church was born!!!


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