This Day in Metal January 24th

This Day in Metal January 24th

Jan 24th 1989 Skid Row released their debut album “Skid Row”

Did you know
The album peaked at number six on the Billboard 200 and was certified 5× platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Jan 24th 1989 Dark Angel released the album “Leave Scars”

Did you know
It was their first album with vocalist Ron Rinehart and bassist Mike Gonzalez.

Jan 24th 1995 Van Halen released the album “Balance”

Did you know….
The album is the last of the band’s four studio releases to feature Sammy Hagar as the lead singer.

Jan 24th 1997 Electric Wizard released the album “Come My Fanatics…”

Did you know
In 1999, the album was re-released with a new cover. The new cover depicts Anton LaVey and his disciples and is based on a 1971 television documentary called The Power Of The Witch.

Jan 24th 2005 Dark Tranquility released the album “Character”

Did you know
The band formed in 1989 and are from Billdal, Sweden.

Jan 24th 2005 Masterplan released the album “Aeronautics”

Did you know
It’s the first album to feature playing and songwriting by members Axel Mackenrott and bassist Jan S. Eckert.

Jan 24th 2012 Lamb of God released the album “Resolution”

Did you know….
The album debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Jan 24th 2014 Primal Fear released the album “Delivering The Black”

Did you know…..
Liv Kristine performed backing vocals on the song “Born with a Broken Heart”

Jan 24th 2020 Annihilator released the album “Ballistic, Sadistic”

Did you know
Jeff Waters named the band after the tank that Eddie Murphy’s character rode on in the 1984 film Best Defense.

Jan 24th 2020 Surgical Strike released their debut album “Part of a Sick World”

Did you know….
The band is from Germany and formed in 1993.

Jan 24th 1953 Nigel Glockler drummer with Saxon was born!!!

Did you know
Nigel joined Saxon in 1981 replacing Pete Gill.
Jan 24th 1968 Michael Kiske singer with Helloween was born!!

Did you know
Michael left Halloween in 1993 before rejoining then in 2016.


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