This Day in Metal July 12th

This Day in Metal July 12th

July 12th 1985 Hallows Eve released their debut album “Tales of Terror”

Did you know..
The band is from Atlanta and formed in 1983.
The song “Metal Merchants” appeared on the Metal Massacre VI compilation album.

July 12th 1986 Carrion released their debut album “Evil Is There!”

Did you know
The band was founded in 1985 by guitarist and vocalist V.O. Pulver.
In 1986 the band changed their name to “Poltergeist”.

July 12th 1986 Destruction released the album “Eternal Devastation”

Did you know
The band was known as “Knight of Demon” from 1982 to 1984.

July 12th 1994 Cianide released the album “A Descent into Hell”

Did you know
The cover artwork is part of The Infernal Gridiron miniature by the Limbourg Brothers from the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry.

July 12th 1994 Alice Cooper released the album “The Last Temptation”

Did you know
Chris Cornell wrote the lyrics for “Stolen Prayer” and “Unholy War”.
Dan Wexler of Phoenix metallers Icon co-wrote four songs on the album.

July 12th 1994 Amorphis released the album “Tales From The Thousand Lakes”

Did you know
The album was an influential release in the development of the melodic death metal and folk metal genres.

July 12th 1995 Kreator released the album “Cause for Conflict”

Did you know
It was their first album to feature bassist Christian Giesler and the last to feature guitarist Frank “Blackfire” Gosdzik.

July 12th 1996 Deeds of Flesh released their debut album “Trading Pieces”

Did you know
They founded their own label, Unique Leader Records, which has since become home to a number of other death metal bands from around the world.

July 12th 1996 Mortician released their debut album “Hacked Up for Barbecue”

Did you know
The album has gone out of print, and has since been reissued as a two-on-one package with the band’s Zombie Apocalypse EP.

July 12th 1999 Unholy released the album “Gracefallen”

Did you know
From Finland, the band formed in 1990. They band was originally called “Holy Hell”.

July 12th 2005 Obituary released the album “Frozen In Time”

Did you know
It was their last album to feature guitarist Allen West.

July 12th 2005 Firewind released the album “Forged by Fire”

Did you know
It was the band’s only album with vocalist Chitral Somapala.
Marty Friedman did guitar solos on “Feast of the Savages”.

July 12th 2005 The Black Dahlia Murder released the album “Miasma”

Did you know
The album reached number 118 on the Billboard Charts.
It was their last with bassist David Lock.

July 12th 2006 Riot released the album “Army Of One”

Did you know
It was the last Riot album to feature long time bassist Pete Perez.

July 12th 2011 Decapitated released the album “Carnival Is Forever”

Did you know
It’s their first album to feature vocalist Rafał “Rasta” Piotrowski.

July 12th 1950 Eric Carr “The Fox” former drummer with KISS was born.

Did you know
On March 21, 2011, a book that explored Carr’s entire life and musical career was released, titled The Eric Carr Story.


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