This Day in Metal July 19th

This Day in Metal July 19th

July 19th 1988 Rigor Mortis released their debut album “Rigor Mortis”

Did you know
The band was from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and formed in 1983.

July 19th 1991 Vicious Rumors released the album “Welcome to the Ball”

July 19th 1991 Immolation released their debut album “Dawn Of Possession”

Did you know
The band formed in 1986 under the name RIGOR MORTIS. After recording the “Warriors of Doom” demo, the band changed their name to IMMOLATION.

July 19th 1993 Quiet Riot released the album “Terrified”

Did you know
It is bassist Kenny Hillery’s only studio album with the band, and drummer Bobby Rondinelli plays on several songs.

July 19th 1998 Mesmerize released their debut album “Tales of Wonder”

Did you know…. In the beginning, the band was called The Mesmerizers.

July 19th 2006 Nuclear Warfare released the album “We Come in Peace”

July 19th 2013 Powerwolf released the album “Preachers of the Night”

Did you know
The album flourished commercially, ranked first in the German charts, and also ranked in several other countries.

July 19th 2019 Sabaton released the album “The Great War”

Did you know
It is their first studio album to feature guitarist Tommy Johansson. The album peaked at number 42 on the Billboard Charts.

July 19th 1968 Robb Flynn singer with Machine Head was born!!!


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