This Day in Metal July 1st

This Day in Metal July 1st


July 1st 1980 The Rods released their debut album “Rock Hard”

Did you know….
After the release of this album, the band was signed to Arista, releasing an album titled “The Rods” in 1981 which featured 8 of the songs on “Rock Hard,” as well as 2 new ones.

July 1st 1983 Bitch released their debut album “Be My Slave”

Did you know
The album was cited by Tipper Gore, during the Parents Music Resource Center campaign against violent and sexually explicit content in the music industry.

July 1st 1983 Manowar released the album “Into Glory Ride”

Did you know
It was their first album to feature drummer Scott Columbus.

July 1st 1984 Spellbound released their debut album “Breaking the Spell”

Did you know
The album was highly praised in English metal-bible Kerrang! Magazine and received great reviews in the influential Japanese magazine Burrn among others!

July 1st 1987 Napalm Death released their debut album “Scum”’

Did you know
“You Suffer” is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the shortest song ever recorded, at 1.316 seconds.

July 1st 1990 Tourniquet released their debut album “Stop the Bleeding”

Did you know….
The album cover art features a snake restrained by chains, representing the power good has over evil and how that relates to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which was the ultimate victory over Satan.

July 1st 1991 Massacre released their debut album “From Beyond”

Did you know..
The song “Corpsegrinder” was originally recorded by the band, Death, which all members of Massacre have been a part of in the past.

July 1st 1991 Cannibal Corpse released the album “Butchered at Birth”

Did you know….
The uncensored cover drew a complaint from the OPP in Canada, which led to record stores being told not to sell the album to persons under 18.

July 1st 1991 Tourniquet released the album “Psycho Surgery”

Did you know….
Heaven’s Metal fanzine ranked Psycho Surgery Christian metal’s second-best album of all time (after Vengeance Rising’s 1988 album Human Sacrifice).

July 1st 1992 Merciless released the album “The Treasures Within”

Did you know
Merciless was the first band to sign on the underground record label Deathlike Silence Productions owned by Euronymous of Mayhem fame

July 1st 2016 Dramatica released their debut album “Fall of Tyranny”

Did you know
Formed as Decadence in 1989 by Dennis Murcia (bass) and Diego Ramirez (guitar) after meeting in college.

July 1st 2016 Fates Warning released the album “Theories of Flight”

Did you know
It was the band’s last album with guitarist Frank Aresti.


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