This Day in Metal July 20th

This Day in Metal July 20th

July 20th 1985 Blitzkreig released the EP “Ready for Action”

Did you know
It was produced by Ron Keel.

July 20th 1986 Juggernaut released their debut album “Baptism Under Fire”

Did you know..
They are probably most known for having Bobby Jarzombek (Halford, Demons & Wizards, Spastic Ink, Riot, among others) on drums.

July 20th 1993 Souls at Zero released their debut album “Souls at Zero”

Did you know
They were originally known as Wrathchild America.
Future Godsmack drummer “Shannon Larkin” played on this album.

July 20th 2010 Allegaeon released their debut album “Fragments Of Form And Function”

Did you know… The band was originally called Allegiance

July 20th 2012 Black Majesty released the album “Stargazer”

July 20th 2018 Powerwolf released the album “The Sacrament of Sin”

Did you know
On 14 September 2018, the album won a German Metal Hammer Award for Best Album.


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