This Day in Metal July 21st

This Day in Metal July 21st

July 21st 1971 Black Sabbath released the album “Master Of Reality”

Did you know..
Master of Reality was Black Sabbath’s first and only top 10 album in the USA until 13, 42 years later.

July 21st 1982 Loudness released the album “Devil Soldier”

Did you know
The album won the award for Best Heavy Metal record of the year in Japan.

July 21st 1984 Stryper released their debut EP “The Black And Yellow Attack”

Did you know
After Stryper achieved major success with their second album, Soldiers Under Command, The Yellow and Black Attack EP was reissued.

July 21st 1985 Anthem released their debut album “Anthem”

Did you know
They are among the handful of heavy metal bands founded in Japan during the 80s and are considered to be one of the most successful, alongside Loudness and Earthshaker.

July 21st 1986 Raven released the EP “Mad”

Did you know
The songs of this EP mark the return to a more aggressive and metallic sound. It has never been re-released on CD.

July 21st 1987 Lion released their debut album “Dangerous Attraction”

Did you know
A remastered edition was released in 2017 and included “The Transformers (Theme)” single as a bonus track.

July 21st 1987 Guns n’ Roses released the GREAT album “Appetite For Destruction”

Did you know
It debuted at number 182 on the Billboard Charts.
It would eventually became the best-selling debut album of all time.

July 21st 1987 Dio released the album “Dream Evil”

Did you know
The album reached number 43 on the Billboard Charts.
It features former Rough Cutt members Craig Goldy and Claude Schnell.

July 21st 1987 Exumer released the album “Rising from the Sea”

Did you know
It’s the only Exumer album featuring someone else other than Mem V. Stein on vocals and instead has Paul Arakaki on vocals and bass duties.

July 21st 1988 Chastain released the album “The Voice of the Cult”

Did you know….
They assumed the band were talking about a Satanic cult when in reality we were talking about the Metal cult! Religious idiots!!”

July 21st 1992 Joe Satriani released the album “The Extremist”

Did you know….
The album is one of Satriani’s most popular releases and his highest-charting to date, reaching number 22 on the Billboard 200.

July 21st 1997 Annihilator released the album “Remains”

Did you know
All instruments were performed by Jeff Waters following the dissolution of the previous line-up.

July 21st 1997 Devin Townsend released the album “Ocean Machine: Biomech”

Did you know
On its original Japanese release, the album was entitled Biomech and “Ocean Machine” was listed as the artist name.

July 21st 1998 Anthrax released the album “Vol 8:The Threat Is Real”

Did you know
The album debuted at number 118 on the Billboard Charts.
Dimebag Darrell did guitar solos on “Inside Out” and “Born Again Idiot”


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