This Day in Metal July 23rd

This Day in Metal July 23rd

July 23rd 1996 Iced Earth released the album “The Dark Saga”

Did you know
It was the band’s first album to feature drummer Mark Prator, as well as the last with bassist Dave Abell.

July 23rd 1996 Massacre released the album “Promise”

Did you know
Many credit Kam Lee as inventing the characteristic “death growl”, which is first heard on Massacre’s 1986 Aggressive Tyrant demo.

July 23rd 1996 MD.45 released the album “The Craving”

Did you know….
In 2004, The Craving was remastered by Capitol Records. During this process, Ving’s vocals and harmonica were omitted, and replaced by Mustaine singing the lyrics.

July 23rd 2001 Jag Panzer released the album “Mechanized Warfare”

Did you know
Videos were made for “Take to the Sky”, “The Silent” and “Cold Is the Blade (And the Heart That Wields It)”.

July 23rd 2003 Arch Enemy released the album “Anthems of Rebellion”

Did you know
At its time of release, the album gave Century Media its then highest first-week Soundscan sales in the United States.

July 23rd 2021 Yngwie Malmsteen released the album “Parabellum”

Did you know
The album cover was produced in order to raise awareness and funds for children in foster care.

July 23rd 1964 Nick Menza former drummer with Megadeth was born!!!
July 23rd 1965 Legendary guitarist Slash was born!!!


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