This Day in Metal July 25th

This Day in Metal July 25th

July 25th 1980 AC/DC released the GREAT album “Back In Black”

Did you know..
“You Shook Me All Night Long” became the band’s first Top 40 hit in America, peaking at number 35.

July 25th 1983 Metallica released their GREAT debut album “Kill ‘Em All”

Did you know
Kerrang! listed the album at number 29 among the “100 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums of All Time”

July 25th 1985 Iron Angel released their debut album “Hellish Crossfire”

July 25th 1986 Loudness released the album “Lightning Strikes”

Did you know
The album is known as Shadows of War in Japan.
It peaked at number 64 on the Billboard Charts

July 25th 1989 Alice Cooper released the album “Trash”

Did you know
The album features the single “Poison”, Cooper’s first top ten hit since his single “You And Me” in 1977.

July 25th 1991 Vain released the album “All Those Strangers”

Did you know
Back in 1991, Island Records shelved this album at the very last minute due to the label’s financial collapse, meaning that these songs have never officially been released.

July 25th 1995 Elegy released the album “Lost”

Did you know
It was the band’s last album with vocalist Eduard Hovinga.
They’re one of the pioneers of the ‘progressive power metal’ subgenre.

July 25th 2000 Fates Warning released the album “Disconnected”

Did you know
The album was re-released in Germany in 2006 as part of a two-CD set with the album Inside Out featuring bonus tracks

July 25th 2006 Voivod released the album “Katorz”

Did you know….
The album features Jason Newsted on bass.
The song, “The X-Stream”, is included in the videogame Guitar Hero II.

July 25th 2008 Lȧȧz Rockit released the album “Left for Dead”

Did you know
It was the band’s final album with bassist Willy Lange.
It’s also their first studio album in 17 years and the most recent to date.


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