This Day in Metal July 2nd

This Day in Metal July 2nd

July 2nd 1976 Lucifer’s Friend released the album “Mind Exploding”

Did you know….
This is the last album with John Lawton on vocals before he joined Uriah Heep. Lawton returned to Lucifer’s Friend in 1981 to record the Mean Machine album.

July 2nd 1984 Madam X released their debut album “We Reserve the Right”

Did you know
The band was formed in Detroit, Michigan in 1982 by the Petrucci sisters, who had previously played in an all-female group called Pantagruel.

July 2nd 1984 Dio released the album “The Last In Line”

Did you know
The album reached number 24 on the Billboard Charts
It was the first Dio album to feature keyboardist Claude Schnell.

July 2nd 1984 Cirith Ungol released the album “King Of The Dead”

Did you know
The Cover of Michael Moorcock’s novel “Bane of the Black Sword” acts as the album’s cover.

July 2nd 1986 Death Mask released their debut album “Split the Atom”

Did you know
The song “I’m Dangerous” would go on to be in the B-Movie Zombie Nightmare.

July 2nd 1986 Savage Grace released the album “After the Fall from Grace”

Did you know
In 1981 the name of the band was suggested by Randy Rhoads who was the brother of their then-vocalist, Kelle Rhoads.
The executioner on the cover is Gene Hoglan.

July 2nd 1991 Alice Cooper released the album “Hey Stoopid”

Did you know
The album reached number 47 on the Billboard Charts
The track “Feed My Frankenstein” was featured in the 1992 comedy film Wayne’s World.

July 2nd 1993 Deep Purple released the album “The Battle Rages On”

Did you know
It was their last album recorded with the classic Mk II line-up.
The album reached number 192 on the Billboard Charts

July 2nd 2001 Aborted released the album “Engineering the Dead”

Did you know
The 2008 re-release bonus tracks included a cover of the Napalm Death song “Suffer the Children”

July 2nd 2001 Altar released the album “Red Harvest”

Did you know
The band originally broke up in autumn 2001, but guitarists Marcel Verdurmen and Richard Ludwig later reformed the band with a new line-up. The band eventually split-up again in 2007

July 2nd 2010 Soilwork released the album “The Panic Broadcast”

Did you know
The album marked the return of long-time Soilwork guitarist and founder Peter Wichers.

July 2nd 2013 Huntress released the album “Starbound Beast”

Did you know
The band did a cover of the Judas Priest song “Running Wild” on this album.

July 2nd 2021 At The Gates released the album “The Nightmare of Being”

Did you know….
At the Gates were formed in 1990 by former members of the death and black metal band Grotesque.

July 2nd 2021 Born of Osiris released the album “Angel Or Alien”

July 2nd 2021 Dream Tröll released the album “Realm of the Tormentör”

Did you know….
The band is from Leeds, West Yorkshire, England and formed in 2015.


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