This Day in Metal July 6th

This Day in Metal July 6th

July 6th 1983 Culprit released their debut album “Guilty as Charged!”

Did you know
As of 2021, the band have announced that they are working on their long-awaited sophomore album tentatively titled Layin’ Down the Law.

July 6th 1986 Purgatory released their debut album “Tied to the Trax”

July 6th 1986 Quiet Riot released the album”Quiet Riot III”

Did you know
This was the first Quiet Riot album not to feature any cover songs.
The album reached number 31 on the Billboard Charts.

July 6th 1986 Barren Cross released their debut album “Rock for the King”

Did you know..
Musically, Barren Cross is often compared to Iron Maiden, mainly due to the similarity of the vocals between Mike Lee and Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson

July 6th 1987 Razor released the album “Custom Killing”

Did you know
It is the final album to feature Mike Embro on drums and Mike Campagnolo on bass.

July 6th 1988 Vengeance Rising released their debut album “Human Sacrifice”

Did you know
In 2010, HM ranked Human Sacrifice the best Christian metal album of all time on its Top 100 list because it “tilted the Christian metal world on its ear”.

July 6th 1999 Ratt released the album “Ratt”

Did you know
This was their first studio album to feature bassist Robbie Crane.

July 6th 1999 Mortician released the album “Chainsaw Dismemberment”

July 6th 2009 Sacrifice released the album “The Ones I Condemn”


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