This Day in Metal June 19th

This Day in Metal June 19th

June 19th 1982 Bitches Sin released their debut album “Predator”

Did you know
This legendary heavy metal band, based in England, were formed in around 1980. They produced some of the most influential heavy metal music of the 80’s.

June 19th 1989 Kreator released the album “Extreme Aggression”

Did you know
The album’s original artwork was that of a man standing in front of a bathroom mirror looking at the reflection of his face falling off.

June 19th 1992 Solstice released their debut album “Solstice”

Did you know
The band did a cover of the Carnivore song “S.M.D.” on this album.

June 19th 1995 Sinner released the album “Bottom Line”

Did you know
The band did a cover of the Accept song “Balls to the Wall” on the Accept Metal or Die: A Tribute to Accept album (1999).

June 19th 2000 Silent Force released their debut album “The Empire of Future”

June 19th 2009 Ex Deo released their debut album “Romulus”

Did you know…. The album was recorded with producer and Kataklysm guitarist Jean-François Dagenais.

June 19th 2012 Dying Fetus released the album “Reign Supreme”

Did you know
“Second Skin” is featured on the season 23 episode of South Park as one of the songs the fictional band Crimson Dawn performs.

June 19th 2020 Lamb of God released the album “Lamb of God”

Did you know
It’s their first album to feature Art Cruz as the replacement of original drummer Chris Adler.

June 19th 1963 Simon Wright former drummer with AC/DC and Dio was born!!

Did you know
He was also the drummer for Rhino Bucket and Operation: Mindcrime.


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