This Day in Metal June 28th

This Day in Metal June 28th

June 28th 1985 AC/DC released the album “Fly On The Wall”

Did you know
The album reached number 32 on the Billboard Charts.
US gossip magazine People picked the LP as best album of 1985

June 28th 1988 Stryper released the album “In God We Trust”

Did you know
Bassist Tim Gaines did not participate in the recording of this album, but he rejoined the band on the In God We Trust tour.

June 28th 2004 Steel Prophet released the album “Beware”

Did you know…. Steel Prophet formed in the mid-’80s in Middletown, Connecticut by founding members Steve Kachinsky and Gary Stocking.

June 28th 2005 Hate Eternal released the albumI, Monarch”

June 28th 1961 Kurdt Vanderhoof guitarist with Metal Church was born!!

Did you know….
Vanderhoof’s first solo band was Hall Aflame, which released a single album before breaking up in 1994.


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