This Day in Metal June 29th

This Day in Metal June 29th

June 29th 1986 Crowley released their debut album “Whisper of the Evil”

Did you know… Back in the 80’s Crowley was renowned for being the first Japanese Metal band to pioneer the use of provocative make-up, costumes, pyromania and overall stage presence, and yet its lack of a contract with a major label and CD releases of prior records contributed to Crowley’s status as a legendary band.

June 29th 1988 Voivod released the album “Dimension Hatross”

Did you know
In 2017, Dimension Hatröss was added by Rolling Stone to its Top 100 Metal Albums of All Time list at number 78.

June 29th 1991 Bathory released the album “Twilight Of The Gods”

Did you know
Quorthon did all electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass, and drum programming on the album.

June 29th 1992 Blind Guardian released the album “Somewhere Far Beyond”

Did you know…. The album went to number 1 in the Japanese charts.

June 29th 1999 Slipknot released their debut album “Slipknot”

Did you know… The album peaked at number 51 on the Billboard Charts. “Wait and Bleed”, was nominated for Best Metal Performance at the 2001 Grammy Awards.

June 29th 2012 Nile released the album “At the Gate of Sethu”

Did you know…. The album’s artwork was handled by Spiros “Seth Siro Anton” Antoniou of Septic Flesh.

June 29th 2018 Stormwitch released the album “Bound to the Witch”

Did you know…. The band split-up after the release of Shogun in 1994 and reformed in 2002.

June 29th 1948 Ian Paice drummer with Deep Purple was born in Nottingham, England.

Did you know… He is considered one of the greatest drummers of all time.
June 29th 1953 Don Dokken singer with Dokken was born!!

Did you know…. His 1990 solo album, Up From the Ashes, spawned two singles, and achieved modest success.


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