This Day in Metal June 30th

This Day in Metal June 30th

June 30th 1977 KISS released the album “Love Gun”

Did you know..
It was their first album to feature a vocal performance from Ace.
It was also the last studio album to feature Peter on every song.

June 30th 1980 Krokus released the album “Metal Rendez-vous”.

Did you know….
It was their first album to feature Marc Storace on vocals.

June 30th 1984 Wrathchild released their debut album “Stakk Attakk”

Did you know..
Formed in 1980, the group was an early band of the glam metal genre, starting off about the same time as bands of the genre such as Mötley Crüe.

June 30th 1986 Savatage released the album “Fight For The Rock”

Did you know..
It is their first album with bass player Johnny Lee Middleton, who has since become the only member to appear on each subsequent Savatage album since.

June 30th 1992 TNT released the album “Realized Fantasies”

Did you know
The album peaked at number 44 on the Swedish Charts.

June 30th 1997 Iron Savior released their debut album “Iron Savior”

Did you know
The same recording of “Watcher in the Sky” was used on Gamma Ray’s “Somewhere Out in Space” album, also released in 1997.

June 30th 1998 System Of A Down their debut album “System Of A Down”

Did you know
The album reached number 124 on the Billboard Charts.

June 30th 2003 Nightrage released their debut album “Sweet Vengeance”

Did you know
The album has an all star lineup of: Tomas Lindberg, Marios Iliopoulos, Gus G., Brice Leclercq and Per Moller Jensen.

June 30th 2009 Obituary released the album “Darkest Day”

Did you know
Darkest Day is the final Obituary album to feature both longtime bassist Frank Watkins, and guitarist Ralph Santolla.

June 30th 1955 Brian Vollmer singer with Helix was born!!!
June 30th 1960 Russ Dwarf singer with Killer Dwarfs was born!!
June 30th 1963 guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen was born!!
‪June 30th 1968 Phil Anselmo singer with Pantera was born!!


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