This Day in Metal June 5th

This Day in Metal June 5th

June 5th 1984 TSA released the album “Heavy Metal World”

Did you know… The band’s song “Zwierzenia kontestatora” (“Confessions Of A Contestant”) appears in the musical documentary Behind the Iron Curtain, which documents heavy metal band Iron Maiden’s first visit to Poland and other countries in Eastern Europe.

June 5th 1986 Spider released the album “Raise the Banner”

Did you know
The band were often compared to Status Quo and offered an upbeat sound, which was described as boogie rock.

June 5th 1988 Hardware released their debut album “Heavy Nights”

June 5th 1997 Unleashed released the album “Warrior”

Did you know….
Unleashed are credited to be one of the first death metal groups to write songs about Viking/Scandinavian history and heritage.

June 5th 2001 Hades released the album “DamNation”

Did you know… The band is from Paramus, New Jersey and formed in 1978.

June 5th 2001 Drowning Pool released their debut album “Sinner”

Did you know
This is the only studio album by the band to feature original lead singer Dave Williams.
The album debuted at number 14 on the Billboard 200 chart.

June 5th 2003 Metallica released the album “St. Anger”

Did you know
The St. Anger sessions marks the only time Bob Rock played on any Metallica recordings, filling in for the departed bassist Jason Newsted.

June 5th 2009 Praying Mantis released the album “Sanctuary”

June 5th 2012 Fear Factory released the album “The Industrialist”

Did you know….
Drums were programmed for this album by the band with the help of John Sankey.


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