This Day in Metal March 17th

This Day in Metal March 17th

Mar 17th 1992 White Zombie released the album “La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume One”

Did you know
The singles “Thunder Kiss ’65” and “Black Sunshine” received heavy rotation on rock radio and MTV.

Mar 17th 1998 Van Halen released the album “Van Halen III”

Did you know
It was the band’s only studio album to feature lead vocalist Gary Cherone, and the last to feature bassist Michael Anthony.

Mar 17th 2005 Paradise Lost released the album “Paradise Lost”

Did you know..
Although not officially, this is the first album with Jeff Singer (his official full-time membership in the band was on “The Enemy” single from the In Requiem album)

Mar 17th 2008 House of Lords released the album “Come to My Kingdom”

Did you know
It was produced by singer James Christian and Jeff Kent who also co-wrote most all of the album’s vocal melodies and lyrics.

Mar 17th 2009 Static X released the album “Cult of Static”

Did you know
This was their last to feature drummer Nick Oshiro and founding member and vocalist Wayne Static.

Mar 17th 2009 Kylesa released the album “Static Tensions”

Did you know
The artwork and layout was created by John Dyer Baizley of the band Baroness.

Mar 17th 2017 Obituary released the album “Obituary”

Did you know
Initially called Executioner, the band changed its name to Xecutioner to avoid confusion with the thrash metal band Executioner, and then changed its name once again to Obituary in 1988.


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