This Day in Metal March 21st

This Day in Metal March 21st

Mar 21st 1977 AC/DC released the album “Let There Be Rock” in Australia.

Did you know
A modified international edition was released on July 25th 1977 on Atlantic Records.

Mar 21st 1980 Judas Priest released the single “Living After Midnight”

Did you know
The song peaked at number 12 on the Official Charts

Mar 21st 1983 Zebra released their debut album “Zebra”

Did you know
The album peaked at number 29 on the Billboard Charts.
The song “Take Your Fingers From My Hair” was covered by Dream Theater.

Mar 21st 1983 Saxon released the album “Power & The Glory”

Did you know….
The album has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide.
Some consider it their best album.

Mar 21st 1991 Praying Mantis released the album “Predator in Disguise”

Did you know
Paul Di’Anno, Clive Burr and Dennis Stratton from IRON MAIDEN were a part of Praying Mantis for some time.

Mar 21st 1995 Death released the album “Symbolic”

Did you know..
It was their only album to feature Bobby Koelble and Kelly Conlon.

‪Mar 21st 2000 Pantera released their last studio album “Reinventing The Steel”

Did you know…‬
‪The album reached number 4 on the Billboard Charts.

Mar 21st 2000 Dio released the album “Magica”

Did you know….
Magica marks the return of guitarist Craig Goldy, who also has performed on Dio’s album Dream Evil and in the later release Master of the Moon.

Mar 21st 2001 Threshold released the album “Hypothetical”

Did you know
This is the first album to feature current drummer Johanne James, who had previously played with the band on tour.

Mar 21st 2006 Cannibal Corpse released the album “Kill”

Did you know
It was the second Cannibal Corpse album to make an appearance on the Billboard 200 chart, debuting at number 170.

Mar 21st 2011 Artillery released the album “My Blood”

Did you know
It is the last Artillery album recorded with drummer Carsten Nielsen.


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