This Day in Metal March 25th

This Day in Metal March 25th

Mar 25th 1972 Deep Purple released the GREAT album “Machine Head”

Did you know
The album reached number 7 in the United States, remaining on the Billboard 200 for 118 weeks.

Mar 25th 1988 Krokus released the album “Heart Attack”

Did you know
The album featured the return of original Krokus founding member Chris von Rohr.

Mar 25th 1991 Sepultura released the album “Arise”

Did you know
The album peaked at number 119 on the Billboard Charts.

Mar 25th 2002 Soilwork released the album “Natural Born Chaos”

Did you know
This is the first album with current keyboardist Sven Karlsson.

Mar 25th 1997 GWAR released the album “Carnival Of Chaos”

Did you know
Carnival of Chaos was the last Gwar album to feature Peter Lee as Flattus Maximus.

Mar 25th 2003 Overkill released the album “Killbox 13”

Did you know..
The band has a notable mascot named “Chaly”, a skeletal bat with a skull-like face, horns, bony wings and green eyes, who has appeared on most of their album covers.

Mar 25th 2016 Metal Church released the album “XI”

Did you know
It was the band’s first album in 23 years (since Hanging in the Balance) to feature vocalist Mike Howe.

Mar 25th 2016 Artillery released the album “Penalty by Perception”

Did you know
The band re-recorded the 1991 demo “Welcome to the Mindfactory” on this album.

Mar 25th 2016 Amon Amarth released the album “Jomsviking”

Did you know
The album peaked at number 19 on the Billboard Charts.
The album was produced by Andy Sneap.


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