This Day in Metal May 13th

This Day in Metal May 13th

May 13th 1991 Razor released the album “Open Hostility”

Did you know….
This album is dedicated to the memory of Ray “Black Metal” Wallace.

May 13th 2002 Rage released the album “Unity”

Did you know
In 1996, Rage was the first metal band to write and record an album with a full symphonic orchestra: Lingua Mortis.

May 13th 2002 Sentenced released the album “The Cold White Light”

Did you know….
Limited copies contain the video for the song “Killing Me Killing You” from the previous album Crimson, plus a free Sentenced sticker.

May 13th 2016 Grand Magus released the album “Sword Songs”

Did you know
The band did a cover of the Deep Purple song “Stormbringer” as the bonus track for this album.

May 13th 2016 Destruction released the album “Under Attack”

Did you know
The limited edition bonus track was a cover of Venom’s “Black Metal”.

May 13th 1967 Chuck Schuldiner guitarist and founder with Death was born!!

Did you know
He was ranked No. 20 in March 2004 Guitar World’s “The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists”.


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