This Day in Metal May 14th

This Day in Metal May 14th

June 14th 1985 Wallop released their debut album “Metallic Alps”

Did you know
Though the name WALLOP may sound unfamiliar to some of you, this is the first band of later GRAVE DIGGER drummer, Stefan Arnold.

May 14th 1985 Mad Butcher released their debut album “Metal Lightning Attack”

Did you know
While it would seem that MAD BUTCHER were inspired by Germany’s legendary Destruction, the truth is rather the other way around: MAD BUTCHER predated Destruction by a number of years.

May 14th 1991 Armored Saint released the album “Symbol Of Salvation”

Did you know
The songs on this album were written and demoed between 1988 and 1990 with original guitarist Dave Prichard.

May 14th 1996 Amorphis released the album “Elegy”

Did you know
It was the band’s first album with vocalist Pasi Koskinen.

May 14th 1997 Bruce Dickinson released the album “Accident of Birth”

Did you know
In 2005, Accident of Birth was ranked number 338 in Rock Hard magazine’s book of The 500 Greatest Rock & Metal Albums of All Time.

May 14th 2012 Mastery released their debut album “In the Key of Kill”

Did you know
The band is from Toronto, Ontario and formed in 2001.


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