This Day in Metal May 1st

This Day in Metal May 1st

May 1st 1983 Lita Ford released her debut album “Out For Blood”

Did you know
The track “Die for Me Only (Black Widow)” is not to be confused for the track “Black Widow” from her 1991 album Dangerous Curves.

May 1st 1987 Heathen released their debut album “Breaking The Silence”

Did you know
The band did a cover of the Sweet song “Set Me Free” for this album.

May 1st 1990 Holy Moses released the album “World Chaos”

Did you know
They are well noted for being fronted by Sabina Classen and for being one of the first German thrash metal bands.

May 1st 1990 Flotsam and Jetsam released the album “When The Storm Comes Down”

Did you know
It was their last album with Troy Gregory on bass guitar, as he left in 1991 to join Prong.

May 1st 1991 Unleashed released their debut album “Where No Life Dwells”

Did you know
Unleashed (along with Dismember, Entombed and Grave) is considered one of the “Big Four” of Swedish death metal.

‪May 1st 1991 Meshuggah released their debut album “Contradictions Collapse”

Did you know…‬
‪The album was originally titled (All This Because of) Greed.‬

May 1st 1992 Grave released the album “You’ll Never See”

Did you know
The band formed originally as Rising Power but changed their name to Grave in 1988.

May 1st 1995 Suffocation released the album “Pierced from Within”

Did you know
It was the band’s last album with guitarist Doug Cerrito and bassist Chris Richards, and the only with drummer Doug Bohn.

May 1st 2020 Havok released the album “V”

Did you know
It is the band’s first album with bassist Brandon Bruce.

May 1st 2020 Vader released the album “Solitude in Madness”

Did you know
In the early years Peter used the nickname Behemoth.


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