This Day in Metal May 20th

This Day in Metal May 20th

May 20th 1983 Trance released the album “Power Infusion”

If you’re a fan of classic 80’s(pre-hair wimp out)heavy metal, especially of the European variety, TRANCE’s “Power Infusion” is ESSENTIAL!

May 20th 1985 Savatage released the album “Power Of The Night”

Did you know
This was bassist Keith Collins’s last album with the band.

May 20th 1988 Flotsam and Jetsam released the album “No Place For Disgrace”

Did you know
It was their first album with the bass guitarist Troy Gregory, who had replaced Jason Newsted.

May 20th 1988 Pantera released the album “Power Metal”

Did you know
It was the first Pantera album to feature Phil Anselmo on vocals.

May 20th 1996 Iced Earth released the album “The Dark Saga”

Did you know
It was the band’s first album to feature drummer Mark Prator, as well as the last with bassist Dave Abell.

‪May 20th 1996 Cannibal Corpse released the album “Vile” ‬

Did you know…‬
‪It was originally titled Created to Kill and was recorded with founding vocalist Chris Barnes. Before the album was released, Barnes was kicked out of the band, which then brought vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher to finish the album’s vocal work. ‬

May 20th 1998 Soilwork released their debut album “Steelbath Suicide”

Did you know
The album has two Japanese bonus tracks, “Disintegrated Skies” and “Burn,” a Deep Purple cover.

May 20th 2002 Obscenity released the album “Cold Blooded Murder”

Did you know
The song “Cold Blooded Murder” is dedicated to Aziz Schmidt.
It was their last album with long time drummer Sascha Knust.

May 20th 2003 Kings X released the album “Black Like Sunday”

Did you know
The songs on this album are rare and originally unreleased recordings that were re-recorded by fan demand.

May 20th 2011 U.D.O. released the album “Rev-Raptor”

Did you know
It is the final album to feature Stefan Kaufmann and Igor Gianola.

May 20th 2016 Iron Savior released the album “Titancraft”

Did you know
It was their last album to feature long time drummer Thomas Nack when he departed the band in 2017.


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