This Day in Metal May 25th

This Day in Metal May 25th

May 25th 1981 Anvil released their debut album “Hard’N’Heavy”

Did you know
It was originally released independently under the band name “Lips”.

May 25th 1983 Dio released his GREAT debut album “Holy Diver”

Did you know
In 2017, it was ranked 16th on Rolling Stone’s list of “100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time”.

May 25th 1985 Breaker released their debut album “Dead Rider”

Did you know… They should have been much more known had metal fans known that this is the band which one of the biggest German thrash bands of all time came from…and that band is ACCUSER!

May 25th 1985 Vicious Rumors released their debut album “Soldiers of the Night”

Did you know
It is notably the only Vicious Rumors album to feature vocalist Gary St. Pierre as well as guitarist Vinnie Moore.

May 25th 1987 Death released their debut album “Scream Bloody Gore”

Did you know
Chuck Schuldiner played bass and guitar, wrote all the songs on the album and provided all the vocals.

May 25th 1992 Candlemass released the album “Chapter VI”

Did you know
This was the first Candlemass album not to feature Messiah Marcolin on vocals since their 1987 album Nightfall. On this one, Thomas Vikström took his place

May 25th 1993 Anthrax released the album “Sound Of White Noise”

Did you know
It is the band’s first album to feature vocalist John Bush, who replaced longtime Anthrax vocalist Joey Belladonna in 1992.

May 25th 1995 Outrage released the album “Life Until Deaf”

Did you know
With a career spanning over three decades, Outrage are one of few Japanese metal bands to have never disbanded or paused activities.

May 25th 2007 Sonata Arctica released the album “Unia”

Did you know
This is also the last album that features Jani Liimatainen, who was later replaced by Elias Viljanen after the album was released.

May 25th 2012 Sabaton released the album “Carolus Rex”

Did you know
It is the last album to feature guitarists Oskar Montelius and Rikard Sundén, drummer Daniel Mullback and keyboardist Daniel Mÿhr.

May 25th 2015 Leprous released the album “The Congregation”

Did you know
It is the last album to feature longtime guitarist Øystein Landsverk, who was featured on all Leprous albums until then.


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