This Day in Metal May 27th

This Day in Metal May 27th

May 27th 1988 Brocas Helm released the album “Black Death”

Did you know
The aim of the recording was to catch the interest of a high quality record label. However, after a long fruitless search, the band founded Gargoyle Records and released the record themselves.

May 27th 1996 Bathory released the album “Blood on Ice”

Did you know
Master tapes were recorded in 1989, but the album was not immediately released because Quorthon was worried that it presented too drastic a departure from the band’s previous black metal sound.

Jan 27th 2003 Municipal Waste released their debut album “Waste ‘Em All”

Did you know….
The album’s name pays homage to Metallica’s debut album, Kill ‘Em All.

May 27th 2003 Sepultura released the album “Roorback”

Did you know
The songs “Mind War” and “Bullet the Blue Sky” were released as singles and music videos.
The bonus track was a cover of the U2 song “Bullet the Blue Sky”

May 27th 2013 Dark Tranquillity released the album “Construct”

Did you know
Construct would be the band’s last album with founding member guitarist Martin Henriksson as he left the band in early 2016 due to loss of passion for playing music.

May 27th 2016 Death Angel released the album “The Evil Divide”

Did you know
The album peaked at number 98 on the Billboard Charts.


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