This Day in Metal May 28th

This Day in Metal May 28th

May 28th 1984 Lita Ford released the album “Dancin’ On The Edge”

Did you know
The band was made up of drummer Randy Castillo, Aldo Nova on keyboards and bassist Hugh McDonald.

May 28th 1984 W.A.S.P. released the single “I Wanna Be Somebody”

Did you know
It was ranked at number 84 in VH1’s 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs.

May 28th 1985 Cutty Sark released the album “Heroes”

Did you know
Cutty Sark from the former German capital of Bonn was like Warlock, one of the German bands at the cult label Mausoleum.

May 28th 1986 Steel Crown released their debut album “Sunset Warriors”

Did you know
Vocalist Yaco De Bonis died in a car accident on the way to a festival in Verona to play with Steel Crown.

May 27th 1987 Viper released their debut album “Soldiers of Sunrise”

Did you know
In 2005, they played the Monsters of Rock festival, with bands like Kiss and Black Sabbath, which gathered a crowd of 40,000 people at the Pacaembu Stadium.

May 28th 1991 Dismember released their debut album “Like an Ever Flowing Stream”

Did you know
In 2010, the album was inducted into Decibel Magazine’s Hall of Fame.

May 28th 1994 Bruce Dickinson released the single “Tears of the Dragon”

Did you know
“Tears of the Dragon” is the first single from Bruce Dickinson’s second solo album, Balls to Picasso.

May 28th 2002 Mastodon released their debut album “Remission”

Did you know
In 2018, Kerrang! named the album in their list “The 13 Most Essential Sludge Records.”

May 27th 2002 Nocturnal Rites released the album “Shadowland”

Did you know…This album deserves 5 stars, because of the excellent, well crafted songs. Fans of both classic metal (Iron Maiden, Manowar) and power metal (Edguy) will enjoy this.

May 28th 2021 Slizard release debut album “Slizard”

Did you know
The band was formed in 2019, and features LA singer Liz Fawcett on vocals; Pat “Buzz” Belrose on guitars, bass & vocals, and Todd “Toad” Resmen on drums.


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