This Day in Metal May 30th

This Day in Metal May 30th

May 30th 1983 220 Volt released their debut album “220 Volt”

Did you know
The band formed in 1979 by guitar players Thomas Drevin and Mats Karlsson.

May 30th 1984 Wizz released their debut album “Crazy Games”

Did you know
This is definitely one of the better Swedish metal releases and it’s still pretty unknown in collector circles. The guitar riffs and playing in ‘Wonderland’ are outstanding.

May 30th 1985 Sadwings released their debut album “Lonely Hero”

Did you know….
As the band’s name suggests, there is a sizable Judas Priest influence upon their sound, particularly their tendency to play it fast and hard-hitting.

May 30th 1985 Convict released their debut album “Go Ahead… Make My Day!”

Did you know
According to Gord “Piledriver” Kirchin the band existed in reality only with two members.
The others members mentioned are fake.

May 30th 1990 Spread Eagle released their debut album “Spread Eagle”

Did you know
Spread Eagle’s bassist Rob De Luca is also a member of British rock band UFO.

May 30th 2008 Sabaton released the album “The Art Of War”

Did you know
The album is based on the ancient Chinese military treatise, The Art of War written by General Sun Tzu in the 6th Century BC.

May 30th 2011 Arch Enemy released the album “Khaos Legions”

Did you know..
The album debuted at number 78 on the Billboard 200 chart.
It was their last album with vocalist Angela Gossow.

May 30th 2014 Vader released the album “Tibi Et Igni”

Did you know
It was their first album to feature British drummer James Stewart.


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