This Day in Metal November 13th

This Day in Metal November 13th

Nov 13th 1989 Terrorizer released their debut album “World Downfall”

Did you know…
The song “Fear of Napalm” was featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned.

Nov 13th 1997 Symphony X released the album “The Divine Wings of Tragedy”

Did you know…
The album ranked number 17 in the list “Top 25 Progressive Metal Albums of All Time” by Loudwire.

Nov 13th 2001 Angra released the album “Rebirth”

Did you know…
It was the band’s first album with singer Edu Falaschi.

Nov 13th 2001 Rhapsody released the album “Rain Of A Thousand Flames”

Did you know..
It tells a part of The Emerald Sword Saga, but it’s a parallel episode that is not essential to the story, taking place shortly after Dawn of Victory

Nov 13th 2001 Rob Zombie released the album “The Sinister Urge”

Did you know…Ozzy Osbourne was featured on the song “Iron Head”. The album peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Charts.

Nov 13th 2012 Soundgarden released their last studio album “King Animal”

Did you know…
This was the band’s first album in sixteen years.

Nov 13th 2015 Firespawn released their debut album “Shadow Realms”

Did you know..
The band is from Stockholm, Sweden and formed in 2012.

Nov 13th 2020 AC/DC released the album “Power Up”

Did you know…
Every track is credited to Angus and Malcolm Young as Angus raided the AC/DC vault of unreleased songs to record the album.

Nov 13th 1992 Dio performed his last concert with Black Sabbath at the Kaiser Convention Center in Oakland, California.


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