This Day in Metal November 16th

This Day in Metal November 16th

Nov 16th 1988 Dokken released the LIVE album “Beast From The East”

Did you know…
The album earned the band their only Grammy Award nomination for the Best Metal Performance in 1990, losing to Metallica’s “One”.

Nov 16th 1992 Vader released their debut album “The Ultimate Incantation”

Did you know…DanielSeagrave who created many record covers for death metal bands especially in the early 1990s did the cover for this.

Nov 16th 1997 Children Of Bodom released their debut album “Something Wild”

Did you know…
In 2020, it was named one of the 20 best metal albums of 1997 by Metal Hammer magazine.

Nov 16th 1998 Entombed released the album “Same Difference”

Did you know…
The band did a cover of the Black Sabbath song “Under the Sun” as a Brazilian bonus track on the album.

Nov 16th 1999 Korn released the album “Issues”

Did you know….
Since its release, the album has sold over 13 million copies worldwide.

Nov 16th 1999 Virgin Steele released the album “The House of Atreus Act I”

Did you know…
The song “The Fire God” first appears on the 1986 Piledriver LP Stay Ugly.

Nov 16th 2018 Artillery released the album “The Face Of Fear”

Did you know…
The band is named after the track ‘Heavy Artillery’ by Tank.

Nov 16th 2018 P.O.D. released the album “Circles”

Did you know…
Over the course of their career, the band has received 3 Grammy Award nominations, contributed to numerous motion picture soundtracks and toured internationally.


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