This Day in Metal November 17th

This Day in Metal November 17th

Nov 17th 1986 Dark Angel released the album “Darkness Descends”

Did you know…
The album is the first to feature drummer Gene Hoglan.
The album is considered a landmark in the Thrash Metal genre.

Nov 17th 1995 Dissection released the album “Storm of the Light’s Bane”

Did you know…
The album is widely considered a masterpiece and one of the best black metal albums ever written.

Nov 17th 2003 Tad Morose released the album “Modus Vivendi”

Did you know…
The band did a cover of the Accept song “Losing More Than You Ever Had” as a Japanese bonus track on this album.

Nov 17th 2014 Bloodbath released the album “Grand Morbid Funeral”

Did you know….
This is the first Bloodbath album to feature vocalist Nick Holmes from UK metal band Paradise Lost


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