This Day in Metal November 1st

This Day in Metal November 1st

Nov 1st 1974 Scorpions released the album “Fly To The Rainbow”

Did you know…
It was the band’s only album with drummer Jürgen Rosenthal.

Nov 1st 1982 Venom released the album “Black Metal”

Did you know..
It’s considered a major influence on the thrash metal, death metal and black metal scenes that emerged in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Nov 1st 1984 Omen released their debut album “Battle Cry”

Did you know…
In 2005, Metal Blade re-released Battle Cry on Picture LP format, limited to 500 copies and including two bonus tracks.

Nov 1st 1985 Destructor released their debut album “Maximum Destruction”

Did you know..
The initial name for the release was “Pounding Evil” but was later changed to “Maximum Destruction” to avoid some misconceptions people were having about the band.

Nov 1st 1986 Kreator released the GREAT album “Pleasure To Kill”

Did you know…
It’s widely considered a thrash metal classic, as well as a landmark album in the history of thrash metal.

Nov 1st 1987 Iron Cross released their debut album “Church and State”

Did you know….
The band is from Chicago, Illinois and formed in 1982.

Nov 1st 1992 Amorphis released their debut album “The Karelian Isthmus”

Did you know…
This release was the last recorded release to have the original lineup of the band.

Nov 1st 1993 Immortal released their EPIC album “Pure Holocaust”

Did you know…
It was the first album to feature Abbath on drums.

Nov 1st 1994 Threshold released the album “Psychedelicatessen”

Did you know…
It was their only studio album with Nick Harradence playing drums.

‪Nov 1st 1994 Ancient Rites released their debut album “The Diabolic Serenades”

‪Did you know…‬
‪“The Diabolic Serenades” had the unfortunate distinction of being released through the doomed Afterdark Records, which declared bankruptcy shortly after the album’s release.‬

Nov 1st 1994 Megadeth released the GREAT album “Youthanasia”

Did you know…
It was commercially successful, peaking at number 4 on the Billboard Charts, and was certified platinum.

Nov 1st 1997 Nightwish released their debut album “Angels Fall First”

Did you know…
The male vocals heard on “Beauty and the Beast” and “Once Upon a Troubadour” are sung by keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen,

Nov 1st 2001 Green Carnation released the album “Light of Day, Day of Darkness”

Did you know…
It is composed of a single 60-minute track and was largely inspired by the death of Tchort’s daughter and dedicated to his son, Damien Aleksander.

Nov 1st 2002 Lordi released their debut album “Get Heavy”

Did you know….
Although the bass guitarist Kalma appears on the cover artwork, all bass guitars were played by the former bass guitarist Sami Wolking.

Nov 1st 2010 Cradle Of Filth released the album “Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa”

Did you know…
It was the band’s final album with Dave Pybus as their bass player and James McIlroy as their second guitar player.

Nov 1st 2011 Megadeth released the album “Thirteen”

Did you know..
“Sudden Death” was nominated for “Best Metal Performance” at the 2011 Grammys.

Nov 1st 2012 Kamelot released the album “Silverthorn”

Did you know…
It is the first album to feature Tommy Karevik as the lead singer and their third concept album, after Epica (2003) and The Black Halo (2005).

Nov 1st 2019 Angel Witch released the album “Angel Of Light”

Did you know…
They are well known for having inspired Lars Ulrich to form Metallica.

Nov 1st 2019 Nile released the album “Vile Nilotic Rites”

Did you know…
It is the band’s first album with bassist Brad Parris and guitarist Brian Kingsland.


Nov 1st 1963 Rick Allen drummer with Def Leppard was born!!!

Did you know…
He is known as “The Thunder God” by fans.

Nov 1ST 2012 Mitchell Lucker vocalist with Suicide Silence passed away. R.I.P.

November 1st 1991


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