This Day in Metal November 26th

This Day in Metal November 26th

Nov 26th 1991 Sentenced released their debut album “Shadows of the Past”

Did you know…
The album has had three different covers.

Nov 26th 1999 Aeternus released the album “Shadows of Old”

Did you know…
For the first two albums, the band called their own style “Dark Metal”.

Nov 26th 2021 Hypocrisy release NEW album “Worship”

Did you know…
The band originally began as a solo project of Peter Tägtgren under the name Seditious.

Nov 26th 2021 Black Label Society release NEW album “Doom Crew Inc.”

Did you know…
A video was made for the song “Set You Free”

Nov 26th 2021 Rhapsody Of Fire release NEW album “Glory for Salvation”

Did you know…
It’s the second chapter of “The Nephilim’s Empire Saga”.

Nov 26th 1977 Stu Block former singer with Iced Earth was born!!

Did you know…
Before joining Iced Earth, Stu was the frontman for Canadian progressive death metal band “Into Eternity”.


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