This Day in Metal November 4th

Nov 4th 1977 Krokus released the album “To You All”

Did you know….
The album features original vocalist and longtime bassist Chris von Rohr.
It was their first album to feature the Krokus logo on the cover.

Nov 4th 1981 Black Sabbath released the album “Mob Rules”

Did you know..
It was the band’s first album with drummer Vinny Appice.
The album peaked at number 12 on the Official Charts

Nov 4th 1983 Acid released the album “Maniac”

Did you know…
The band was one of the first bands in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal on the European mainland and their records have become collector’s items in the metal genre.

Nov 4th 1985 Aerosmith released the album “Done With Mirrors”

Did you know…
It marked the return to the band of guitarists Joe Perry, who had left in 1979, and Brad Whitford, who had left in 1981.

Nov 4th 1986 Yngwie Malmsteen released the album “Trilogy”

Did you know…
The album reached number 44 on the Billboard Charts

Nov 4th 1987 Violent Force released their debut album “Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow”

Did you know….
The LP is “a first-class thrash experience, with insanely fast guitars and aggressive, energetic vocals.

Nov 4th 1989 Carcass released the album “Symphonies Of Sickness”

Did you know…
In 2009, Symphonies of Sickness was ranked number 4 in Terrorizer Magazine list of essential European grindcore albums.

Nov 4th 2002 Manilla Road released the album “Spiral Castle”

Did you know…
The band name “Manilla Road” came to be one night when Shelton and Munkirs were both drinking while watching Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Nov 4th 2003 Stratovarius released the album “Elements Pt. 2”

Did you know…
The album reached number 4 on the Finnish albums chart.

Nov 4th 2016 HammerFall released the album “Built To Last”

Did you know…
It was their first album to feature David Wallin on drums.

Nov 4th 2016 Dark Tranquillity released the album “Atoma”

Did you know…
It’s the band’s first album with bassist Anders Iwers.

Nov 4th 1956 Jordan Rudess keyboardist with Dream Theater was born!!

Did you know…
In 2011, Rudess was voted the best keyboardist of all time in a poll conducted by MusicRadar.

Nov 4th 1965 Jeff Scott Soto singer with Sons Of Apollo and former with Yngwie Malmsteen was born!!

Did you know…
He also sang for the fictional band Steel Dragon, which featured Zakk Wylde, Jeff Pilson and Jason Bonham for the soundtrack of the movie Rock Star.

Nov 4th 1983 Metallica played at the Country Club in Reseda.


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