This Day in Metal November 8th

Nov 8th 1971 Led Zeppelin released one of the GREATEST albums ever with “Led Zeppelin IV”

Did you know…
It is tied for third highest-certified album in the USA by the RIAOA at 23× Platinum.

Nov 8th 1980 Motorhead released the GREAT album “Ace of Spades”

Did you know…
The album has been described as “one of the best Metal albums by any band, ever”.

Nov 8th 1982 Mercyful Fate released the EP “Mercyful Fate” also known as “Nuns Have No Fun”

Did you know…
The album in its entirety was later re-issued in 1987 as part of The Beginning compilation.

Nov 8th 1984 Keel released their debut album “Lay Down the Law”

Did you know…
It was their only album to feature original drummer Bobby Marks.

Nov 8th 1984 Railway released their debut album “Railway”

Did you know…
The band is from Munich, Germany and formed in 1977.

Nov 8th 1985 Carnivore released their debut album “Carnivore”

Did you know…
The band was formed by Peter Steele who later went on and formed the band Type O Negative

Nov 8th 1986 Exumer released their debut album “Possessed By Fire “

Did you know…
The band is from Germany and formed in 1985.

Nov 8th 1988 Realm released their debut album “Endless War”

Did you know…
The band was formed in 1985 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Nov 8th 1989 German Metal band Running Wild released the album “Death Or Glory”

Did you know….
It is their last album with both guitarist Majk Moti and drummer Ian Finlay.

Nov 8th 1993 Edge Of Sanity released the album “The Spectral Sorrows”

Did you know…
The band did a cover of the Manowar song “Blood of My Enemies” on this album.

Nov 8th 2005 Annihilator released the album “Schizo Deluxe”

Did you know…
Dan Beehler (Exciter) did backing vocals on “Maximum Satan”, “Warbird”, “Like Father, Like Gun” and “Clare”.

Nov 8th 2019 Quiet Riot released the album “Hollywood Cowboys”

Did you know…
Right after the album was recorded, James Durbin left the band and was replaced with singer Jizzy Pearl.


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