This Day in Metal October 11th

This Day in Metal October 11th

Oct 11th 1981 Saracen released their debut album “Heroes, Saints & Fools”

Did you know…
The band is from Derbyshire, England and formed in 1976. They were originally called “Lammergier”.

Oct 11th 1982 Oz released their debut album “Heavy Metal Heroes”

Did you know…
The songs “Search Lights,” “Black Candles” and “Turn the Cross Upside Down” were featured in 2012 film “Metal Maniac”.

Oct 11th 1985 Kreator released their debut album “Endless Pain”

Did you know…
On this album both Petrozza and Reil share vocal duties.

Oct 11th 1994 Korn released their debut album “Korn”

Did you know…
The album is considered to have started the nu metal genre.
The album peaked at number 72 on the Billboard Charts.

Oct 11th 2004 Behemoth released the album “Demigod”

Did you know…
The Japanese bonus track included a cover of the Venom song “Welcome to Hell”.

Oct 11th 2013 Death Angel released the album “The Dream Calls For Blood”

Did you know…
The album reached number 72 on the Billboard chart.
They did a cover of the Black Sabbath song “Heaven And Hell” on the album.

Oct 11th 1947 Al Atkins founding member and former singer with Judas Priest was born!!

Did you know…
Judas Priest was formed in 1969 by Al Atkins, Bruno Stapenhill, John Partridge and John Perry.

Oct 11th 1983 History was made when KISS played their first concert without any make-up at Cascais Hall in Lisbon, Portugal.


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