This Day in Metal October 15th

This Day in Metal October 15th

Oct 15th 1983 Alcatrazz released the album “No Parole From Rock ‘N’ Roll”

Did you know…
It is considered by fans of the group to be the best Alcatrazz release and launched guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen into a glittering solo career

Oct 15th 1984 Manowar released the album “Sign Of The Hammer”

Did you know….
The song “Thor (The Powerhead)” has been covered by symphonic metal band Therion on the album Crowning of Atlantis.

Oct 15th 1984 AC/DC released the EP “74 Jailbreak”

Did you know…
Despite the EP’s title, the song “Jailbreak” was actually recorded in 1976 and was originally released that year on the Australian version of the Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap album.

Oct 15th 1985 FatesWarning released the album “The Spectre Within”

Did you know..
The band is often credited as one of the so called “Big Three” of Proressive Metal, along with Queensrÿche and Dream Theater

Oct 15th 1985 Overkill released their debut album “Feel The Fire”

Did you know…
In 1986, Overkill was part of two major tours; they supported Anthrax in Europe, and opened for Slayer on the Reign in Blood tour in the United States.

Oct 15th 1987 Joe Satriani released the album “Surfing With The Alien”

Did you know..
The album reached number 29 on the Billboard chart.
It remained on there for 75 weeks, the longest run of any of his releases

Oct 15th 1996 Corrosion of Conformity released the album “Wise Blood”

Did you know…
Metallica’s lead vocalist, James Hetfield, provides his voice as backup on the album’s ninth track, “Man or Ash”.

Oct 15th 1996 Dio released the album “Angry Machines”

Did you know…
It was the last studio album to feature original drummer Vinny Appice.

Oct 15th 1996 Korn released the album “Life Is Peachy”

Did you know…
The song “No Place to Hide” earned the band a second Grammy nomination in the Best Metal Performance category in 1998.

Oct 15th 2005 Primal Fear released the album “Seven Seals”

Did you know…
The band did a cover of the Sinner song “Question of Honour” on this album.

Oct 15th 2013 Trivium released the album “Vengeance Falls”

Did you know…
It was their last album to feature drummer Nick Augusto.
The album was produced by Disturbed frontman David Draiman.

Oct 15th 2018 Heir Apparent released the album “The View from Below”

Did you know…
The band is from Seattle, Washington and formed in 1984.

Oct 15th 2021 Lutharo release their DEBUT album “Hiraeth”

Did you know…..
The band is from Hamilton, Ontario and formed in 2012 under the name “Incarnadine”.

Oct 15th 2021 Alcatrazz release NEW album “V” #Nightwatch

Did you know…
It’s the bands first album with singer “Doogie White.



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