This Day in Metal October 21st

This Day in Metal October 21st

Oct 21st 1987 King Diamond released the album “Abigail”

Did you know…
It’s the band’s last album to feature guitarist Michael Denner and bassist Timi Hansen.

Oct 21st 1988 Quiet Riot released the album “QR”

Did you know…
It was the band’s only album with singer Paul Shortino.
The album reached number 119 on the Billboard Charts

Oct 21st 1992 Running Wild released the album “Pile Of Skulls”

Did you know…
It was their last album with guitarist Axel Morgan.

Oct 21st 2002 King Diamond released the album “The Puppet Master”

Did you know…The Puppet Master is undoubtedly one of King’s best releases, a total masterpiece, a must for all King Diamond fans. All hail the King!

Oct 21st 2013 Pestilence released the album “Obsideo”

Did you know…
This is the final Pestilence album to feature lead and rhythm guitarist Patrick Uterwijk.

Oct 21st 2014 Slipknot released the album “.5: The Gray Chapter”

Did you know…
“The Negative One” received a nomination for Best Metal Performance at the 57th annual Grammy Awards.

Oct 21st 2016 Khemmis released the album “Hunted”

Did you know…
This album was 1st on Decibel Magazine’s Top 40 Albums of 2016.

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Six weeks previously, the Thames returns the dead body of a journalist named Luke Wilkinson. Everything found at the scene suggests suicide, but Inspector Andrew Briggs is suspicious. He decides to investigate on his own, but the deeper he digs, the more complicated the mosaic becomes. Two events apparently different, but connected by a thin thread. Who is the murderer? And who is behind the attack on the legendary metal band?
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Iron Maiden with Special Guest “Mötley Crüe”


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