This Day in Metal October 22nd

Oct 22nd 1969 Led Zeppelin released the GREAT album “Led Zeppelin II”

Did you know…
Music critics have regularly cited”Led Zeppelin II” as one of the greatest and most influential albums of all time.

Oct 22nd 1984 Iron Maiden released the single “Aces High”

Did you know…
The song’s lyrics are written from the viewpoint of a British RAF pilot fighting during the Battle of Britain (1940), the first military engagement to be fought entirely with aircraft.

Oct 22nd 1991 Death released the album “Human”

Did you know..
This was their only album to feature guitarist Paul Masvidal, drummer Sean Reinert and their first with bassist Steve DiGiorgio.

Oct 22nd 2001 Grave Digger released the album “The Grave Digger”

Did you know…
It is considered the darkest album the band has done.
The album is dedicated to the memory of Edgar Allan Poe.

Oct 22nd 2001 Sodom released the album “M-16”

Did you know…
The intro to the song “Napalm in the Morning” is taken from the soundtrack to Apocalypse Now (1979).

Oct 22nd 2010 Forbidden released the album “Omega Wave”

Did you know…
It’s the band’s first album to feature two new band members, Steve Smyth on rhythm guitar and Mark Hernandez on drums.

Oct 22nd 2013 Metal Church released the album “Generation Nothing”

Did you know…
It was their fourth and last album to feature vocalist Ronny Munroe.

Oct 22nd 2013 Motorhead released the album “Aftershock”

Did you know..
The album reached number 22 on the #BillboardCharts


Oct 22nd 2021 Dream Theater release NEW album “A View from the Top of the World”

Did you know…This is the band’s fifteenth album and also is their first album to be recorded at their own studio, DTHQ.

Oct 22nd 2021 UDO release NEW album “Game Over”

Did you know…
It’s the band’s seventeenth studio album.

Oct 22nd 2021 Massacre release NEW “Resurgence”

Did you know…
In 2016, they rebranded themselves as Gods of Death, in reference to their significance in the development of death metal. In 2019, they went back to the name “Massacre”


Oct 22nd 1958 Bobby Blotzer former drummer with Ratt was born!!


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