This Day in Metal October 31st

Oct 31st 1980 AC/DC released the single “Hells Bells”

Did you know..
In tribute to Bon Scott, it starts off with the bell tolling four times before the guitar riff comes in. The bell rings another nine times, gradually fading out.

Oct 31st 1981 Cirith Ungol released their debut album “Frost And Fire”

Did you know…
While Michael “Flint” Vujejia is credited as the bass player on this album, it has been confirmed that Greg Lindstrom was actually the bassist on this album.

Oct 31st 1986 Possessed released the album “Beyond The Gates”

Did you know…
This became the band’s last full length album, up until the release of their third studio album ‘Revelations of Oblivion’, 33 years later.

Oct 31st 1988 Soundgarden released their debut album “Ultramega OK”

Did you know…
In 1990, the album earned a Grammy Award nomination for Best Metal Performance.

Oct 31st 2000 Cradle Of Filth released the album “Midian”

Did you know…
The album marked the introduction of drummer Adrian Erlandsson.
The album reached number 63 on the Official Charts

Oct 31st 2000 Cryptopsy released the album “And Then You’ll Beg”

Did you know…
It is the first album with guitarist Alex Auburn, and the last album with vocalist Mike DiSalvo.

Oct 31st 2010 Helloween released the album “7 Sinners”

Did you know..
7 Sinners is the band’s 15th Studio album, and is definitely one of the fastest and hardest albums in the bands history.

Oct 31st 2011 Krisiun released the album “The Great Execution”

Did you know… A limited edition version of the album contains a re-recording of the track “Black Force Domain”.

Oct 31st 2011 Steel Panther released the album “Balls Out”

Did you know…
Guest appearances on the album are made by Dane Cook on “In the Future” and by Chad Kroeger and Nuno Bettencourt on “It Won’t Suck Itself”.

Oct 31st 2014 Cavalera Conspiracy released the album “Pandemonium”

Did you know..
During the writing of the album Max Cavalera almost considered naming the album “Fuck That Groove” because of how fast and brutal the songs ended up.

Oct 31st 2017 Madam X released the album “Monstrocity”

Did you know…
The band was formed in 1981 by sisters Roxy and Maxine Petrucci.
This was the band’s first album since their debut “We Reserve the Right” in 1984.


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