This Day in Metal October 3rd

This Day in Metal October 3rd

Oct 3rd 1980 Diamond Head released their debut album “Lightning To The Nations”

Did you know…
Metallica have covered songs such as “The Prince, “Am I Evil?,” and “Helpless” all throughout their career and recorded most of them.

Oct 3rd 1981 Budgie released the album “Nightflight”

Did you know…
The illustration on the cover is by Derek Riggs (Iron Maiden covers).
The album peaked at number 68 on the Official Charts.

Oct 3rd 1981 Picture released the album “Heavy Metal Ears”

Did you know…
The band is from Hilversum, North Holland and formed in 1979.

Oct 3rd 1984 Warlord released their debut album “And the Cannons of Destruction Have Begun…”

Did you know…
The song “Lucifer’s Hammer” was on Metal Massacre II (Metal Blade, 1982).

Oct 3rd 1986 Skanners released their debut album “Dirty Armada”

Did you know…
They opened for Motörhead, Twisted Sister, Manowar, Dio & Helloween for the promotion of the album in late 1986.

Oct 3rd 1987 Paradox released their debut album “Product of Imagination”

Did you know…
It was voted “LP of the month” in Metal Hammer, which claimed that the album was the best German debut since Helloween’s Walls of Jericho.

Oct 3rd 1989 Bonfire released the album “Point Blank”

Did you know…
Originally, the band had recorded 30 songs and settled on 17 tracks for the album.

Oct 3rd 1990 Blind Guardian released the album “Tales from the Twilight World”

Did you know…
Contrary to popular belief, this is not a concept album.

Oct 3rd 1992 Bolt Thrower released the album “The IVth Crusade”

Did you know…
The album features a more death/doom metal-driven style, and which was influenced by doom metal bands including Candlemass and Pentagram.

Oct 3rd 1998 Girlschool released the album “Take A Bite”

Did you know…
“Head over Heels” contains a text written by Motörhead bassist Lemmy on a napkin, during a night out in a pub with McAuliffe and other friends.

Oct 3rd 2000 Dying Fetus released the album “Destroy The Opposition”

Did you know…
This album marks a change in Dying Fetus’s direction, with political themes becoming dominant, which has continued in all of their subsequent albums.

Oct 3rd 2006 Quiet Riot released the album “Rehab”

Did you know..
This is the last Quiet Riot recording to feature lead singer Kevin DuBrow before his death.

Oct 3rd 2012 Obsession released the album “Order Of Chaos”

Did you know…
The band features singer Michael Vescera who previously sang with Yngwie Malmsteen and Loudness.

Oct 3rd 1962 Legendary Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee was born!!!


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