This Day in Metal October 6th

This Day in Metal October 6th

Oct 6th 1986 Metal Church released the album “The Dark”

Did you know…
The album was dedicated to the late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton.
The album peaked at number 92 on the Billboard Charts.

Oct 6th 1998 Sepultura released the album “Against”

Did you know…
It was the band’s first release with new frontman Derrick Green.
The album reached number 82 on the Billboard Charts.

Oct 6th 2009 KISS released the album “Sonic Boom”

Did you know..
The album debuted at number 2 on the Billboard 200.
The number 2 position was the highest mark ever reached by the group, beating the number 3 debut of Psycho Circus in 1998.

Oct 6th 2009 Hirax released the album “El Rostro De La Muerte”

Did you know…
It is the first to feature the brothers Steve Harrison (bass) and Lance Harrison (guitar), and the last with Glenn Rogers.

Oct 6th 2014 Sanctuary released the album “The Year the Sun Died”

Did you know…
It is Sanctuary’s first studio album in 24 years, since 1990’s Into the Mirror Black.

Oct 6th 2014 Acid Drinkers released the album “25 Cents for a Riff”

Did you know…
Acid Drinkers are rated as one of the most important bands in the Polish thrash and heavy metal world.

Oct 6th 2017 Autograph released the album “Get Off Your Ass”

Did you know…
The band is best known for their metal anthem “Turn Up the Radio”.

Oct 6th 2017 The Black Dahlia Murder released the album “Nightbringers”

Did you know…
The album became the best-selling direct-to-consumer pre-order in Metal Blade Records’ history.

Wow it’s been a year already. Sadly missed and never forgotten. To us you will always be the most amazing guitarist in the world. ❤️🤘🏻👍👊 #EddieVanHalen


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