This Day in Metal September 1st

This Day in Metal September 1st

Sept 1st 1980 Saxon released the album “Strong Arm Of The Law”

Did you know
The album debuted at number 11 on the Official Charts.

Sept 1st 1984 Nightmare released their debut album “Waiting for the Twilight”

Did you know
Nightmare was formed in 1979 and became known when opened for Def Leppard at the Alpexpo of Grenoble in 1983.

Sept 1st 1986 Lizzy Borden released the album “Menace To Society”

Did you know
The album was considered a success and peaked on the Billboard Charts at number 144.

Sept 1st 1987 Deathrow released the album “Raging Steel”

Did you know
The band was originally called “Samhain” and formed in 1986.

Sept 1st 1988 Celtic Frost released the album “Cold Lake”

Did you know
The album was not popular with the group or its fans and is no longer available to buy, making the album much sought after by collectors.

Sept 1st 1989 Mötley Crüe released the album “Dr. Feelgood”

Did you know
The album won the best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal album of the year at the 1991 American Music Awards.

Sept 1st 1990 The Exploited released the album “The Massacre”

Did you know
The band have influenced multiple bands such as Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Napalm Death among others.

Sept 1st 1993 Threshold released their debut album “Wounded Land”

Did you know
It’s the band’s only album to feature Tony Grinham on drums.

Sept 1st 2006 Blind Guardian released the album “A Twist In The Myth”

Did you know
The album peaked at number 4 on the German music chart.

Sept 1st 2017 Paradise Lost released the album “Medusa”

Did you know… Decibel Magazine ranked it the number 1 album of 2017.


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