September 26th 1981 Bruce Dickinson Joined Iron Maiden

September 26th 1981 Bruce Dickinson Joined Iron Maiden

On This Day in Metal, September 26th 1981 Bruce Dickinson officially joined Iron Maiden.

Previously from the band Samson who he joined in 1979, Bruce was asked by Maiden's manager Rod Smallwood after the Reading Festival if he would be interested in auditioning for the band.

Reluctant at first, Bruce finally agreed to auditioned for the band if he would get creative freedom. The audition took place early September 1981 in a rehearsal room in London's Hackney district.

Bruce listened to the members of Iron Maiden perform the songs "Prowler", "Sanctuary", "Running Free" and "Remember Tomorrow" and later he was asked to perform the same songs together with the band.

You can actually listen to that audition here:

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