This Day in Metal September 2nd

This Day in Metal September 2nd

Sept 2nd 1984 Torch released the album “Electrikiss”

Did you know
Originally called “Black Widow” the band is from Sweden and formed in 1980.

Sept 2nd 1985 Attacker released their debut album “Battle at Helm’s Deep”

Did you know
The song “(Call On) The Attacker” was on Metal Massacre V (Metal Blade, 1984).

Sept 2nd 1987 Carnivore released the album “Retaliation”

Did you know..
The album was produced by Alex Perialas.
The band did a cover of the Jimi Hendrix song “Manic Depression” on this album

Sept 2nd 1990 Benediction released their debut album “Subconscious Terror”

Did you know
The album featured Mark ‘Barney’ Greenway on vocals, who went on to be the vocalist for Napalm Death.

Sept 2nd 1990 Morbid Saint released their debut album “Spectrum Of Death”

Did you know
The album was produced by Eric Greif.
It is often hailed as one of the best thrash metal albums ever made.

Sept 2nd 1993 Sepultura released the album “CHAOS A.D.”

Did you know..
In 2017, it was ranked 29th on Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time”.

Sept 2nd 1999 Amon Amarth released the album “The Avenger”

Did you know
It was the first Amon Amarth album with guitarist Johan Söderberg and drummer Fredrik Andersson.

Sept 2nd 2002 Threshold released the album “Critical Mass”

Did you know
It was their last album to feature original bassist Jon Jeary, who left immediately after the release.

Sept 2nd 2008 Toxic Holocaust released the album “An Overdose of Death…”

Did you know
The Japanese edition includes the bonus track “666”.

Sept 2nd 2014 Incite released the album “Up In Hell”

Did you know… The band is from Phoenix, Arizona formed in 2004.

Sept 2nd 2022 Megadeth release NEW album “The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead!”

Did you know… The song “Night Stalkers” features Ice-T.

Sept 2nd 2022 Blind Guardian release NEW album “The God Machine”

Sept 2nd 1966 Dino Cazares guitarist with FearFactory was born!!


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