This Day in Metal September 4th

Sept 4th 1984 Fisc released their debut album “Tracker”

Did you know
The band is from France and formed in 1981.

Sept 4th 1987 Vengeance released the album “Take It or Leave It”

Did you know..
Arjen Anthony Lucassen, the head of Ayreon and other progressive metal projects, played in the band from its formation until 1992.

Sept 4th 1988 Destiny released the album “Atomic Winter”

Did you know
The album cover was painted by Derek Riggs, of Iron Maiden fame.

Sept 4th 1990 Eviction released their debut album “The World Is Hours Away”

Did you know
The band is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and formed in 1986.

Sept 4th 1998 Paragon released the album “The Final Command”

Did you know
The band did a cover of the Warrior song “Fighting for the Earth” on this album.

Sept 4th 2007 Baroness released their debut album “Red Album”

Did you know
It was named Album of the Year by heavy metal magazine Revolver.
It is their only album to feature Brian Blickle on guitar.

Sept 4th 2015 Five Finger Death Punch released the album “Got Your Six”

Did you know
The album debuted at number two on the Billboard Charts.

Sept 4th 2015 Iron Maiden released the album “The Book Of Souls”

Did you know
The album was a commercial success, reaching the number 1 spot in 24 countries.

Sept 4th 2015 Amorphis released the album “Under The Red Cloud”

Did you know
This would be the band’s last album with longtime bassist Niklas Etelävuori.

Sept 4th 2020 Stryper released the album “Even the Devil Believes”

Did you know
The band has sold over 10 million recordings worldwide, and it is estimated that two-thirds of their albums were bought by non-Christians.

Sept 4th 1956 Blackie Lawless singer with W.A.S.P. was born!!


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