Top 10 Scorpions albums ranked

Top 10 Scorpions albums ranked

Ok so starting off this is just my personal preferences, I’m sure you’ll have a different Top 10.

10. Rock Believer (2022)

You start to crawl until you walk
You make a scream and learn to talk
You discover life on every day
From the first day you were born
You walked a lifeline of your own
And if you always keep the faith

No one can take your dreams away
In the ruins of their souls
You saw the beauty of it all
Simply a generation change

Favourites include Peacemaker and the title track

9. Face the Heat (1993)

In the city of angels
Death is just a moment away
In the city of angels
Your future won’t see the light of the day

Beware of the alien nation
Beware of the truth that they seek
They pray for eternal salvation
They pray for your soul to keep

Favourites include Alien Nation and Under the Same Sun

8. Fly to the Rainbow (1974)

Life is empty, can’t remember anytime before,
On a plain lit cold December, see it evermore,
Gliding through this life, and another is a child,
And we’re doing games, and losing things,
Always playing gigs.
Somewhere in the sky, where the moon the stars shine bright,
Where the sun is shining, in the night.
I am in disgrace, yet i see a smiling face,
And i hope you let me, share your place.
I don’t live today.

Favourites include Speedy’s Coming and the title track

7. Virgin Killer (1976)

Dark meditation
Your second sight can show my light
In a crystal ball
Sweet are the days
Crow-black the nights caging my mind
Behind the wall

Into the rock through walls of red dreams
Into the rock to find the cream
Into the rock through walls of red dreams
Pictured life from yesterday

Favourites include Pictured Life and Catch Your Train

6. Savage Amusement (1988)

Let’s spend the night together
I know you want it too
The magic of the moment
Is what I’ve got for you

The heartbeat of this night
Is made to lose control
And there is something in your eyes
That’s longing for some more

Let us find together
The beat we’re looking for

Favourites include Rhythm of Love and Believe in Love

5. Crazy World (1990)

Follow the Moskva
Down to Gorky Park
Listening to the wind of change
An August summer night
Soldiers passing by

Listening to the wind of change
The world is closing in
Did you ever think
That we could be so close, like brothers

The future’s in the air
Can feel it everywhere
Blowing with the wind of change

Favourites include Wind of Change and Send Me an Angel

4. Animal Magnetism (1980)

The job is done and I go out
Another boring day
I leave it all behind me now
So many worlds away

I meet my girl, she’s dressed to kill
And all we gonna do
Is walk around to catch the thrill
On streets we call the zoo

Favourites include The Zoo and Make It Real

3. Lovedrive (1979)

Let me take you far away
You’d like a holiday
Let me take you far away
You’d like a holiday
Exchange the cold days for the sun
A good time and fun
Let me take you far away
You’d like a holiday

Favourites include Holiday and Always Somewhere

2. Blackout (1982)

Girl, it’s been a long time that we’ve been apart
Much too long for a man who needs love
I miss you since I’ve been away
Babe, it wasn’t easy to leave you alone
It’s getting harder each time that I go
If I had the choice, I would stay

There’s no one like you
I can’t wait for the nights with you
I imagine the things we’ll do
I just want to be loved by you

Favourites include No One Like You and the title track

1. Love at First Sting (1984)

It needs time
To win back your love again
I will be there
I will be there

Only love
Can bring back your love someday
I will be there
I will be there

Favourites include Big City Nights and Still Loving You


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