Unsigned of the Month - Age of Infernal

Scottish progressive rock/metal act Age of Infernal expertly displays his talent for intricacy and technicality drawing heavy inspiration from the likes of Mastodon, Opeth, The Mars Volta and a touch of Pink Floyd on the foundation of personal family inspirations. His full length album Just For The Hell Of It begins with the colossal 13 minute long track ‘Conjurers of Magick’ which twists and turns with various layered sounds. Alternating between acoustic elements, epic riffage and dark themes throughout, this 7 track long record is as interesting as it is enjoyable to listen to.

Dan of Age of Infernal says: “I ended up seeing a TV programme about Dante’s Inferno and things had been happening already, you know little ideas in my head and stuff. I probably had some of the music that ended up being on the album already. There was already sort of ideas kicking about like ‘Hell’ and stuff like that. So watching that gave me the idea and the state of the world today, it made sense.”

Check out my interview with Dan below. You can also follow him on his social media accounts:

Bandcamp: https://ageofinfernal.bandcamp.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AgeofInfernal

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